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Private Hire

15 June – 30 September 2022: FFP2 mask obligation on board

Following the ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 15 June 2022, the obligation to wear FFP2 type masks to access all the transport services operated by Arriva Italia is extended until 30 September 2022.

Arriva Italia Travel and Tourism

It’s the business sector dedicated to the organization of the private hire services with driver that collects the results of a decade of experience made of passion and professionalism to offer our customer a quality service today.

Why choose our service

Our service is used by leading companies in their sector to facilitate the movement of their employees or from schools of different degrees allowing ad hoc transport students.

To organize all-round transport for major events

To organise buses for the transport of company employees

To organize trips to tourist destinations

To organize group tours in Northern Italy

A reliable choice

The organizational structure is able to respond to every request, even the most demanding. Organizational and management standards based on compliance with safety standards for driving staff and passengers, ensure maximum professionalism and regularity in the provision of services dedicated to tourist mobility.

Guaranteed thanks to our coaches

Insured by drivers

Quotes tailored to your needs

Our service is distinguished

Find out more about our service

Thanks to the experience gained in over 50 years of business, constantly growing, the company stands out for the excellence of the services offered to customers.

Arriva Italia is able to respond with commitment and professionalism to your transport requests: from daily excursions or city tours, to transfers to and from airports; from tours of Italy and Europe, to school and religious tourism.

Rental service of buses, minibuses, minivans and cars with driver, with a wide range of services and accessories that allow you to feel at ease.

The professionalism of the service staff and constant attention to the application of all safety standards and the EEC regulation on the regulation of driving times and daily rest times of drivers assigned to non-scheduled services, allow us to be the ‘reference company in the sector.

Arriva Italia also boasts a consolidated experience over the years in planning and transporting events, athletes, organizers and fans, confirmed by over thirty years of transporting the Juventus FC First Team and Youth Sector. In addition to: UEFA Champions League final – Milan (2016); UEFA Champions League final – Berlin (2015); UEFA Europa League final – Turin (2014); Water Polo World League – Turin (2014-2016); Golf Open Italy (2012-2014); F.C. Milan International – Youth Sector (2013-2014); Italian National Football Team (2012 to date); etc…

Private Hire Office

+39 02 84121 350 or
+ 39 02 84121 351

Hours: from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday weekdays

Requests for a quote for the rental service can only be made via e-mail or by filling out the online form

Travel and Supply Conditions

Quote Request and Confirmation
The quote is valid for 30 days and is not an option; the service reservation is understood to be acquired only upon confirmation of the availability of the vehicle by the company following receipt of the quote duly dated, stamped and signed for acceptance.

Confirmation must be made by returning the stamped and signed quote for acceptance by e-mail to the address

Terms of payment
Advance payment before the service is performed, by bank transfer or directly to the driver upon receipt.

they are expressed net of VAT;
include: motorway tolls;
they do not include: parking, tolls and individual taxes for travelers in Italy and abroad, bus taxes for abroad, ferries, tunnels, bridges and shuttle trains for buses.
Additional expenses charged to the customer
second driver: € 200.00 per day, in addition to any costs for returning to the departure deposit in case of partial use.
night driving: the services must end within 24 hours. From 24 to 6 hours a supplement of 30% must be paid.
any waiting after the scheduled service time: € 40.00 + 10% VAT per hour / fraction of an hour.
Board and lodging for the driver / I.
The related costs are charged to the customer; if they are not paid directly on the spot by the Customer, they will be invoiced for the entire amount.

Empty path
The empty kilometers traveled are counted at the expense of the customer.

Waiver / Cancellation of confirmed services
No charge will be charged to the Customer should he renounce the service by 08:30 on the working day preceding the one scheduled. Otherwise, the total amount foreseen for the service will be invoiced. The cancellation must be communicated in writing to the Rental Office by e-mail:

Compensation for damages for vandalism
Before the start of the trip, the group leader or manager will check the condition of the vehicle together with the driver, the same operation will be repeated at the end of the trip to check for any damage which, after being quantified, will be charged to the managers

Personnel requirements

The buses are driven exclusively by employees of the Company towards whom all social security and welfare obligations are fulfilled; the drivers are provided with the professional documentation required by law.

In the use of traveling personnel, the Company applies the current national and European legislation on the regulation of driving times and daily rest times of drivers engaged in non-scheduled services:

REG. THERE IS. 561/2006 Driving and rest times for the driver

Maximum daily commitment: 13 hours

Daily driving: 9 hours or 10 hours no more than twice a week

Driving breaks: 45 min. every 4.30 hours of driving, or with splitting into max 2 periods (the first of at least 15 min, the second of 30 min.)

Regular daily rest: 11 consecutive hours over 24 hours extended to 12 hours if divided (3 hours + 9 hours without interruption)

Reduced daily rest: 9 consecutive hours within 24 hours for no more than three times a week

Vehicle requirements

All buses used are in possession of the required registration title and in compliance with the provisions in force on the subject of annual inspection.

The Company also provides preventive maintenance cycles on a scheduled basis in order to ensure the constant maintenance of the vehicle’s efficiency and safety conditions.

Before each service the buses are subjected to specific internal and external cleaning.

All buses used for rental services have the following minimum standard equipment: reclining seats, air conditioning, minibar, hi-fi radio, TV, video player; any additional equipment (toilet, DVD player, coffee machine, etc.) can be made available upon agreement with the Rental Office, subject to availability.

Rules to be observed inside the vehicle

The use of seat belts is mandatory for all passengers.

For minors with a height of less than 1.50 meters, the use of safety devices suitable for the child’s age is mandatory (child seats must be provided by customers).

The parent will be responsible for the correct placement of the child, and not the company or the driver of the vehicle.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke, consume food / drinks, obstruct the corridor and / or exit doors or occupy seats with backpacks, bags, suitcases.

Travel program

The service is carried out following the travel program agreed by the Customer with the Company.

Any changes to the program itself must be agreed with the Company through the driver, reported on the travel sheet and signed by the customer; the changes agreed upon after the start of the service may lead to the adjustment of the agreed price.

In any case, the rest times provided for the driver must be respected, so as to allow him to carry out his work in full efficiency.

Forced termination of service

The interruption of the service due to force majeure does not entail the right to a refund.

In the event of a technical breakdown of the vehicle, the Company guarantees timely intervention in order to minimize the inconvenience of travelers by activating its own structure or organizations affiliated with the repair or replacement of the vehicle.


All buses are insured for risks deriving from road traffic in accordance with Law 990/69 with a primary insurance institution with a single ceiling of € 32,000,000.00.

The Company provides for the reimbursement of any damage to property and / or people, caused by its own civil liability, in the following cases:

  • for damage unintentionally caused to third parties by the movement of vehicles (including passengers carried);
  • for loss of transported baggage (excluding money, valuables and securities): in this case the maximum amount recognized by the Company is that provided for by art. 2 of Law no. 450/85;
  • for unintentional damage to clothing.

In order to access the compensation, the customer must report the fact to the driver and then contact the Claims Office (Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.00).

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