Airport line Torino City Center - Torino Airport - Arriva Italia - Torino
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The daily connection from the city centre – Porta Nuova and Porta Susa stations – to Torino Airport.


One-way ticket € 7.50

Direct service, round trip promotion at €11.00 and with the new Caselle Family ticket you can travel with the whole family at a special price of €23.00


Routes every 15/30 minutes which make stops in the main stations of Torino – Porta Nuova and Porta Susa, Corso Umbria corner via Livorno, Via Borgaro 103, Strada Aeroporto (Veronese bus stop), Borgaro Torinese and Caselle Torinese.

For a direct service without intermediate stops, discover the EXPRESS routes which connect the Torino City Center with Torino Airport.

Take advantage of the round trip promotion for € 11.00!

With the new Caselle Family ticket you can travel with the whole family at a special price of €23.00!

The ticket allows 2 adults + 2 kids (up to 17 years of age) to travel on the Torino Airport bus with a single dedicated ticket. The ticket is valid for a single round trip.

You can easily purchase the new Caselle Family ticket from your smartphone with the Arriva MyPay app (activate it before boarding!) or from the online portal



Travel tickets for Torino City Center – Torino Airport line can be purchased in the following ways:

*round trip ticket cannot be purchased on board with right amount

Fares valid from 01/07/2023


With the app Arriva MyPay and Contactless service it is possible to purchase only the complete route at a full price of € 7.50 from Torino City Center to Torino Airport and vice versa.

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Arrivals / Departures Torino Airport

Find out in real time the flights arriving/departing and all the information about Torino Airport.


Useful Info

  • Only passengers with a “Formula” pass (zone U + A + R) or with an ordinary Arriva Italia S.r.l. ticket are allowed on board
  • Passengers are advised to obtain a ticket before boarding.
  • It is recommended to Messrs. passengers to want to carefully check that the arrival time of the rides is compatible with the presentation time at the airport for check-in operations
  • On this line and on all extra-urban lines there is a PROHIBITION OF URBAN TRAFFIC in Turin (up / down in Turin)


• Passengers are invited to secure their travel document by purchasing it at the Company’s offices, local ticket offices and authorized resellers.


• It is allowed, only when it is not possible to purchase them in the designated points of sale, to purchase the ticket on board with cash or a small denomination, subject to a surcharge established by the Granting Body.

• The surcharge is not applied solely and exclusively in the event that, in the place of departure, there is no resale.

• Travelers with a single or return ticket must validate it as soon as they get on board with the appropriate validator (or by the on-board staff in case of failure of the same).

• Subscription tickets must be validated as soon as you board.

• Passengers with season tickets must keep, together with their personal card, the receipt (or photocopy) of the top-up made, for any visual checks.

• The season ticket is strictly personal and is only valid for the period for which it was issued.

• Tickets are not transferable and must be kept until the end of the journey in order to present them at each request by the staff for verification.

• All travel tickets perform the function of fiscal receipt and therefore must be kept, in order to allow any fiscal checks by the investigating bodies. These checks can be carried out both on board the vehicle and in the immediate vicinity of the stop locations.

• The traveler without the prescribed travel document or with an irregular ticket, is required, in addition to the payment of the normal ticket at the ordinary rate, also to pay an administrative sanction provided for by the laws in force.

• It should be noted that the sanction is also applied in the event that the passenger is not able to show, at the same time as the season ticket, his identification card and / or when the card number has not been reported in the subscription.

• The company reserves the right to bring any legal action against travelers in possession of altered or inauthentic travel documents.


• No partial or full refunds are allowed for season tickets, with the exception of multi-month and annual season tickets.

• The return ticket used in the one way journey is non-refundable.

• For lines subject to reservation, tickets must be canceled at least 48 hours before the date of the journey, by calling the Contact Center +39 035 28 9000 (active from Monday to Friday weekdays 08h00-20h00 and Saturday working days 08h00-13h00) or using the Contact form.

• To obtain the refund, if due, it is essential to call the Contact Center +39 035 28 9000 (active from Monday to Friday weekdays 08h00-20h00 and Saturday working days 08h00-13h00) or using the Contact form.

• For more information, please refer to Regulation (EU) no. 181/2011 relating to the rights of passengers in bus transport.


• Each traveler, in possession of a travel document, has the right to allow only one child with a height of no more than one meter to travel for free.

• When a traveler has several children with a height of less than one meter, in addition to the travel document for the companion, a ticket must be purchased for every two children.

• Non-paying children are not entitled to occupy seats and must be kept on your lap.


• The carriage of strollers on board buses can only be accepted if carried out in absolute safety. For this reason, the passenger is given the right to get on the bus with the stroller open only if the vehicle is equipped with special housings and / or attachments for the disabled and these, however, have not already been engaged.

Otherwise, the user can access the bus with the stroller as long as the latter has been closed and does not cause any hindrance and / or danger to other passengers.


• The price of the ticket and for each Traveler includes the free transport of a hand luggage not exceeding 10 kg and which can be placed in the overhead bins inside the bus.

• Any object that cannot be accommodated in the overhead bins inside the bus must be placed in the external baggage boxes.

• Excess baggage is taxed according to the rate authorized by the competent authorities and must be regulated at the time of the trip.

• The company declines all responsibility for any theft, tampering and dispersion and damage of luggage.

• Baggage is not insured and travels at the passenger’s own risk.

• Baggage can never occupy seats and must not clutter doors and platforms.

• In the baggage delivered to the carrier for transport it is not allowed to include money, jewelery, objects or documents of value in general, perishable, foul-smelling, flammable, noxious, contaminating or, in any case, dangerous substances.

• Each Traveler is authorized to keep only a small hand baggage with them inside the bus, at their own risk and peril.

• Arriva Torino reserves the right to claim against the traveler for any damage caused by the nature of his baggage.

• Arriva Torino is responsible for loss and damage to travelers’ luggage if determined by attributable causes. Compensation for damage cannot exceed the limits established by Laws 202/54 and by Law 450/85.


As required by art. 23, point 2 of the Regional Law 01.09.1977 n ° 29 “… the transport of bicycles is allowed, when possible”.

• To avoid disputes or complaints, the transport, with relative payment, must be accepted only when the ticket offices have ascertained, with the driver, whether this is possible taking into account the size of the luggage compartment of the bus in service.

• The bicycles must be free from any bags-backpacks installed on the luggage rack, with the handlebars aligned with the frame.

• The company is not liable for any damage suffered by bicycles due to movement in the luggage compartment during transit, if the same have not been placed by the customer in the bicycle bags.

• The price of the bicycle transport is established in the same amount as the price of the single ticket on the route used.


Travelers in the car are required to:

• Maintain a dignified behavior during the trip, in particular avoiding cackling and dirtying the vehicle, and abide by the prohibitions indicated by specific plates and any special provisions communicated by the Company’s staff. Travelers who behave incorrectly will be made to get out of the vehicle, subject to compensation for any damage caused to the vehicles or service.

• Do not use vehicles without a validated travel document.

• Present the ticket at each request of the Company staff accompanied by the identification card, in the absence of which the season ticket is not considered valid.

• Do not occupy more than one seat and clutter the entry and exit areas for no reason.

• Always occupy all seats as long as there is availability and remain seated for the duration of the journey until the vehicle has stopped.

• Do not cause damage, deteriorate or soil the vehicles or infrastructures, the traveler is required to compensate for all damage caused to vehicles.

• Do not smoke on vehicles and in spaces open to the public.

• Facilitate the elderly and disabled during the journey and respect the provisions relating to the seats reserved for them.

• Do not lean out of the windows or throw objects from them.

• Do not use the stop request signal unnecessarily.

• Do not operate, except in cases of danger, the commands for the emergency opening of the doors or any other duly highlighted emergency device.

• Do not distract, impede or hinder the driver in any way in the performance of his duties.

• Do not carry out advertising and commercial activities without the consent of the Company.

• Fasten the seat belt when the seat occupied is provided with it.

Travelers who contravene these provisions may be refused in the car or be dropped off at the nearest stop before completing the journey, by the Company’s staff, without prejudice to any further legal action.


• Messrs. Travelers are invited to go to the terminus / ascent stop, AT LEAST 5 MINUTES BEFORE the scheduled departure / passage of the bus.

• The boarding and alighting of vehicles must take place exclusively at the authorized stops along the lines.

• Stops are at the request of the user who, if on board, must book the stop by pressing the appropriate button or, failing that, inform the driver.

• The passenger on the ground is obliged to clearly indicate their intention to board.

• For the ascent and descent, the traveler is required to use the doors marked with the appropriate symbols.

• Getting on the vehicle is not allowed if the maximum total number of passengers required by the vehicle registration certificate has already been reached; in case of overcrowding at departure, travelers who have to travel the longest route have the right of way to climb.


• Each Traveler, equipped with a travel document, can bring a small pet with him provided that it does not disturb other Travelers and that it is equipped with a muzzle, leash and any device capable of rendering it harmless as required by the regulations in force in matter.

• The amount to be paid is equal to 50% of the full rate applicable for the Traveler’s route.

• During transport, it is the care of the companion to prevent the animal from getting on the seats, soiling or damaging the car or causing damage to travelers; if this happens, the accompanying person is required to pay compensation for any damage.

• Guide dogs for the blind are allowed to travel free of charge.

• The transport of animals, excluding guide dogs, may be refused if the bus is overcrowded.


Free movement on regional and local transport services, road and rail, is granted to staff in service activities, in uniform or not, as long as they are domiciled or resident in Piedmont, and upon exhibition, to the driver and / or controller. , of the card of the body belonging to:

  • State Police;
  • Penitentiary Police;
  • Weapon of the Carabinieri;
  • Guardia di Finanza;
  • Forest Rangers;
  • Fire fighters;
  • Local Police (limited to the area of ​​territorial jurisdiction);

Furthermore, free movement on the aforementioned transport services is granted to staff in service activities and in uniform, as long as they are domiciled or resident in Piedmont, and upon showing, to the driver and / or controller, the card of the body they belong to:

  • Italian army;
  • Navy;
  • Air Force.

• In the event of bus overcrowding, priority is required to take up civilian users and the maximum load of 5 units entitled to free circulation will be allowed (in relation to the aforementioned categories) in order to facilitate the usability of the public service based on the nature of the same.

• If the vehicle has enough free spaces, the limitation to five units will not apply.

• In the event of full occupancy of the seats, it will be possible to occupy the circulation corridor limited to the bus lines authorized for standing transport and in compliance with the requirements of the registration certificate of the vehicle specifically used.

• The right to free movement is applied to all lines operated by Arriva Torino with the exception of the lines “Turin / Malpensa airports”, “Turin / St. Vincent Casino” and “Turin / Cervinia” since they are not Public Transport services Local, but services not contributed under competition and without subsidies.

• The agents and officials of the aforementioned law enforcement agencies, if present in the car, have the task of intervening in the event of situations that affect the safety of Messrs. passengers.


All information on how to find what is lost on board the vehicles can be requested by filling out the appropriate form on the site.

If possible, Arriva Torino will be responsible for contacting the rightful owner and inviting him to collect the lost item. Where there is no certain reference to the property, the object is kept available to the legitimate owner, for its withdrawal, within the terms of the law.


Times and fares can be changed, with the approval of the Supervisory Authority, with a simple notice at the ticket offices of the respective lines concerned. The Company declines all responsibility for missed connections, due to delays or other reasons in the races and for involuntary inaccuracies in the printing of the timetables.


The Traveler must comply with the provisions issued by customs and tax authorities and police authorities and other administrative authorities, both for what concerns his own person, and for what concerns the visit of baggage, hand luggage and dogs. He is required to attend this visit, except for the exceptions provided for by the regulations. The transport company does not assume any responsibility towards the Traveler in the event that the latter does not comply with the above provisions.


• All damage and breakdowns caused by Travelers to Company vehicles, objects and premises must be compensated.


• The Company assumes for the Travelers and for the baggage the responsibilities deriving from the transport contract provided for by the Italian railway regulations.

• The Company has stipulated adequate TPL insurance coverage with a leading Insurance Company.

• Complaints about the service should be addressed to:

Haedquarters – via della Repubblica 14 – 10095 Grugliasco and for information to Extra.To


Reports regarding inefficiencies, anomalies or service irregularities, as well as any suggestions, can be forwarded:

  • in writing using the appropriate form available on the website
  • by phone at our Call Center at +39 035 28 9000 (active from Monday to Friday weekdays 08h00-20h00 and Saturday working days 08h00-13h00).

In both cases, the customer must specify their personal details, clearly state what happened and transmit any documentation accompanying the complaint. The confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed (Legislative Decree 196/03). The response to the customer will take place within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the report.

We inform our customers that it is possible to submit reports to the Transport Regulatory Authority, pursuant to EU Regulation no.181 / 2011, relating to the rights of passengers in bus transport (NB: only after having submitted a complaint to Arriva Italia and ninety days after sending), by registered mail to the address of Via Nizza n. 230, 10126 – Turin, or by sending an email to one of the following email addresses:; or using the appropriate electronic access (SITe), available on the Authority’s website.

For more information, visit the website


Arriva Torino guarantees in the event of a staff strike, the execution of the trips in the following time slots: from the start of the service at 08.00 and from 12.00 and from 15.00, pursuant to Law 12/06/90 n. 146.

The ticket you purchase is valid on one run throughout the entire day you selected.

You are allowed to change the ticket date only once and no later than 24 hours before the departure day either through the personal area on Arriva estore or via telephone at +39.035.289000

In the event of irregularities or improper use, penalties are incurred in accordance with the law.

With the purchase and use of the travel document, the current general conditions of transport are accepted in full, which can be consulted on


Torino + Piemonte Card is the card that allows free admission to the most important museums and exhibitions in Turin, to the castles, fortresses and Royal Residences of the region, as well as offering reduced admission to the cultural sites of Piedmont, on the days of your stay in Piedmont.

• is nominative, personal and non-transferable
• is valid for one adult and one child under 12 years old.
• The Torino + Piemonte Card Junior 2 days is reserved for children under 18.
• On the back of the card the validity in days is indicated and the name of the holder must be indicated; in case of control it must be presented together with an identity document.

For info:

* Torino + Piemonte Museums Pass is not part of the Torino + Piemonte Card and therefore does not entitle you to discounts.

Why I found a charge on my credit card even though the validator on board the bus didn’t accept my credit card and had to buy a ticket?

In the event that you find a charge despite the non-acceptance of your credit card on board our vehicles, the fact could be attributable to a failure to charge for a previous trip. The system, in fact, transmits the credit card data to the bank circuits once the trip has already been completed; therefore, in the event that the debit operation is unsuccessful, the system blocks the card and retries the debit on the next useful trip.
We recommend checking the charges on your credit card statement that must correspond with the trips made.

Where can I download my payment receipt?

To download the payment receipt you must necessarily register on the dedicated portal, upload your credit card and access the personal area.

I am trying to register my credit card to download the receipt but the portal does not recognize it. What can I do?

If you paid with a virtualized card on your smartphone or smartwatch, you need to load the virtual credit card number (PAN), not the physical one.
If you do not have this number you can obtain it by contacting your bank.