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  • is a contactless microchip ticket (contactless), which will allow access to any public transport (specially equipped), in any area of the Piedmont region.

    By the end of the year it will be possible to load the travel tickets of the services included in the regional mobility network on the BIP card, regardless of the journey, the means or the transport company used.

  • La Pyou Card è la carta equivalente al BIP che la Regione Piemonte ha predisposto per i giovani tra i 15 e i 29 anni, residenti o domiciliati sul territorio regionale, rilasciata al costo di € 5,00.

    Inoltre, grazie alla commissione cultura e alle convenzioni territoriali, la Pyou Card aggiunge ai servizi di mobilità del BIP, proposte culturali, sportive, del tempo libero, formative e altro ancora, offerte su tutto il territorio regionale.

    Per ulteriori informazioni sulla tessera Pyou visualizza il sito www.pyoucard.it

  • Customers who are not yet in possession of the BIP card or the PYOU Card must promptly purchase it:

    • Directly online by filling out the Online Form at the bottom of the page
    • Directly at the Arriva Italia – Torino offices (immediate delivery of the smart card)
      Pinerolo – C.so Torino, 396
      Susa – Via dell’Artigianato, 5 (by appointment via ph. 011 3000660)
      Turin Bus Station Ticket Office Extrato – C.so Bolzano ang. Via Grattoni
    • By contacting the depots by filling in a specific form (with delivery of the smart card within 20 days at the same depot)
      • Perosa Argentina – Loc. San Sebastiano (by appointment via tel 011 3000657)
      • Pont Saint Martin – Via Cascine, 5 (by appointment via tel 011 3000696)
      • Grugliasco – Via della Repubblica, 14

    At authorized resellers equipped with a POS terminal, by filling in a specific form (with home delivery of the smart card about 20 days from the date of receipt of the form by Arriva Italia – Torino).

  • To request the smart card you need the following documents:

    • A valid identification document (if the card holder is a minor, the parent’s identification document is also required):
      • Direct Purchase -> a front / back photocopy of the document
      • Purchase Via Form -> a duplex scan of the document
    • Passport photo
      • Direct Purchase -> immediate scan
      • Purchase Through Form -> scan the photo in digital format (jpg)

  • For users in possession of an annual student pass or a different one still in paper format, they can request to load their subscription on their personal BIP card (or Pyou Card). If you are not in possession of a BIP card or PYOU Card, you can contact our depots for the issue and upload of the annual subscription.

  • NO. You can use the same card, but you must load a Arriva Italia – Torino travel document on it in order to enable your card on our vehicles.

  • NO, the same card is always valid, as multiple season tickets can be loaded on top of it. The important thing is to load the Arriva Italia – Torino travel document, in order to enable your card on our vehicles.

  • The Pyou card, to be able to use it as a transport identification card, must necessarily be personalized with name, surname and photograph.

    So, if your card is not as described above, you will have to fill in the green form, pay € 5.00 for administrative costs, and tick “I already have Pyou” on the back of the form. In this way he will be contacted by the transport company and called directly to book an appointment for customization.

  • Yes, there are no problems, but remember that you must also have with you the payment receipt (receipt) – issued by the retailer at the time of purchasing the ticket – which contains all the data necessary for a visual check.

  • Yes of course, otherwise you won’t get the Pyou. Alternatively, the BIP can be requested so that the data will remain with the Region and the company issuing the card.

  • NO. The Pyou Card is valid only for children aged 15 and over. Currently you can only get the BIP card. However, we advise you to wait until your 15th birthday to have her Pyou Card.

    In the event that the birthday is beyond the month of September and you are interested in an annual student, we kindly ask you to send us (one month in advance) an email with the request for the Pyou Card and an explanation of the aforementioned reasons, in order to such as to be able to examine your request in good time.

  • YES, but we remind you that, even if the Pyou card is valid for 4 years from the time of purchase, this card is a convention of the Piedmont Region for children aged 15 to 29. Therefore, at the age of 30, you will need to have a BIP card.

  • NO. At the moment the BIP / PYOU card is used as an identification card to accompany the paper subscription. From 1 December 2014, paper travel tickets will no longer be sold, but it will only be possible to load them directly onto your BIP / Pyou card.

  • When the ticket is loaded electronically on the BIP / Pyou card, the user still receives a receipt of the recharge made, which he must ALWAYS keep together with his card (or even a photocopy).

    The receipt will show:

    • Type of travel document (monthly, weekly, or yearly)
    • Period of validity
    • Validity zones

    With this receipt, therefore, it will be possible to certify the validity of what is loaded on the electronic card, even at a first visual check, which will be confirmed by the electronic instrumentation.

  • Yes, one-way tickets, with a normal surcharge, will continue to be sold on board.